Innovative linear system 2-3-6 media for counting, bacterial isolation and presumptive identification, with chromogenic media.

The Linearcount has been devised to enable the microbiologist to perform a quick and exact bacterial counts; it is accompanied by a perfect isolation of the colonies, giving the possibility to make a first presumptive identification of the sample on a single support, with an extremely limited manual dexterity.

  • The bacterial count of the sample is determined in the little well number 1 with a new linear sowing principle, using a loop of 10 µl. With the aid of a graduated scale printed on the plate, sample charge is obtained rapidly expressed in U.F.C./ml.
  • The insolation of the sample is particularly studied and is also safe in the presence of high bacterial loads, this is possible thanks to the introduction of a specific linear well 1B, placed parallel to that used for counting.
  • The linear sowing also helps to dilute any antibiotics or chemical inhibitors present in the samples. The presence of these inhibitors, in the classical immersion systems, causes a total inhibition of growth of the colonies and therefore can lead to false negative.
  • Thanks to the transparent support, the display of colonies is more accurate, especially in case of mixed crops (polymicrobal). The amount of medium available and the ability to perform on the same support both OXIDASE and CATALASE tests (wells A and B), allows to have a presumptive identification of the sample.


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